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Traditional Thai massage - Traditional Thai massage(TTM) is an ancient form of
healing art which is practiced throughout Thailand and is becoming increasingly
popular in the west. The main purpose of Thai Massage is to create a state of
harmony between body, mind and spirit thus providing the foundation acupressure
points not only to relieve joints and muscles of any tension, but also to release the
healing energy. The influence of the Ayurvedic medical tradition brings aspects that
are similar to yoga. Along with assisted yogic positions, other aspects of Thai
Massage include rocking, rhythmic muscle compression and stretching. A massage
session is excellent preparation for any kind of physical or mental test, such as an
important athletic event or any kind of academic achievement test. Thai Massage can
also be therapeutic for those in pain due to injury or illness, and or those with tension
caused by stress.
Thai foot massage - This is Thai style reflexology. Thai Foot Massage is
done with stretching and compressing techniques applied to the lower legs
and feet. The therapist also uses a rod to stimulate the reflex points on the feet
which correspond to the internal organs of the body, thus resulting in general
health and well-being. The foot has thousands of nerve endings, and it is
believed that areas on the foot correspond to areas of the body and that
reflexology assists the self-healing process.
Thai herbal massage
This treatment employed in traditional Thai medicine.
The herbs in the ball will help muscles to relax quickly,
and bring skin to a new level of regeneration. Turmeric,
one of the herbs used in the ball, has been used by
Thai women for centuries for the oils and toxins as it
purifies while it soothes and heals the skin, while Prai
will leave the skin soft and smooth and is said to
remove age and liver spots.
Swedish massage / Deep tissue massage /
Hot stone massage
When you are tired and stressed, this type of
massage will help you relax with meditative effect.
Rejuvenate yourself with this great massage.
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